Joy T. J. Riley

Get Your JOY In The Morning

Get Your JOY In The Morning! is a collection of eighty incredible devotionals that will open your eyes and help you discover that there is so much more to life than just the rat race routine. It's true that not everyone reads the Bible, but with the aid of Joy's inspirational devotionals, you'll gain knowledge and understanding and learn how to apply it to your own life.

Shh Don't Tell: Journey of Survivors

Pain, rejection, shame, unworthiness, betrayal, and anger often fill the veins and pump through the hearts of all survivors of molestation and sexual abuse. It is often through self-medication and/or self destruction that one attempts to drown out these hurtful feelings. Ultimately these coping mechanisms further the downward spiral that already exists.

Without the Lord and without faith, letting go is like holding your breath in the middle of the ocean. Eventually, the water fills your lungs, and slowly but surely you sink to the bottom of the ocean floor with no hope of dry land in sight. There will always be pieces of an abused child’s story that may ring similar to stories one has read or heard about because the disease is in the spirit of the abuser. It may be a different person but the same spirit in operation.